Saturday, October 6, 2007


Top 10 things I learned while in Peru:

10. You can comfortably seat 15 adults in a converted Volkswagen van. Five rows of three, with the middle three rows consisting of a two-seater with an additional seat that can be folded out in the aisle.

9. If someone is standing on the sidewalk trying to get you to come in to their restaurant, you can usually get them to give you free drinks with your meal.
From Cusco, Peru

8. It is okay to take travel suggestions from random people waiting at bus stations.
From Cusco, Peru

7. It´s good luck to put two little bull statues on the roof of your house.
From Cusco, Peru

6. During the Spanish Inquisition in Lima, Peru, torturers were not allowed to cause prisoners to bleed, break bones, or die.

5. Corn kernals in Peru are at least 5 times larger than the US version.
From Cusco, Peru

4. The fruit part of passion fruit is a bunch of green slimey seeds, but it´s delicious!
From Cusco, Peru

3. The Incas created their perfect square stones by inserting sticks into the natural cracks and wetting the sticks so they would expand.
From Inka Trail - ...

2. For his last supper, Jesus dined on Guinea Pig.

1. Ceviche is delicious!
From Lima, Peru

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